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America was founded on small businesses that supported and built our communities. If we let BIG TECH/MAJOR CORPORATIONS take away our small businesses the American people lose out on having their own American Dream. Below you can find a list of small businesses that you can help support today. No matter which side of the country you are located on you can help support a small business.

What you’ll find on this page is a compiled list of small businesses with great products and services. 



support small businesses  –

Defund Globalism gives you the ability to instantly determine if you’re handing money over to the architects of the Great Reset. Do a quick search for whatever you’re buying and if it’s related to Klaus Schwab and his crew, buy something else and Defund ‘Em!

 Amazon Alternatives – An Amazon Alternative – An Amazon Alternative – An Amazon Alternative – An Amazon Alternative – Made in the USA products – Made in the USA products – Made in the USA products – Mike Lindell’s store an alternative to Amazon – A promising alternative to Amazon’s marketplace. – Currently, they only accept and use Bitcoin. – Another great Amazon alternative with lots of options. – Fresh Roasted Coffee beans – Hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles. Made in the U.S.A. – A Patriot Small Business, they carry clothing, electronics, pets, for her, for him, kids items, household products.

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Take your business to the next level for just $5.00 dollars per month you can add your business url/link to the list of small businesses listed above.

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