Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is what gets your website FOUND in a Google search. Search engine marketing (SEO) is an essential part of getting your business noticed online. Optimizing your website for the search engines can help your company appear higher in the search results. This can not only result in more traffic but also an increase in sales.

Getting your website listed in one of the top spots in the major search engines translates into instant credibility. People tend to trust organic search results more than they trust paid advertisements. That means that they will be easier to convert into buyers or leads when they click through to your website.

We take great care in performing excellent keyword research and analysis based on understanding your business and market. This is key for getting prospects to find you in a Google search and is essential for success with SEO.

Business & Competitor AnalysisResearch Business aspects like Services, USP, Target Market & Competitors.
SEO Audit ReportProvide an audit report showing initial and current SEO status.
Keyword Research & StrategyResearch various relevant keyword sets to be utilized during the SEO campaign and evaluate current ranking status.
Title & Meta TagsCreate SEO optimized Title & Meta Tags for individual pages, blog posts and products.
URL StructureURLs will be optimized according to each page.
Heading TagsCreate new keyword rich heading tags.
Image OptimizationAdd keyword rich image tags.
Content OptimizationIdentify pages with missing/duplicate content. Embed relevant keywords for existing content.
Page Load TimeReduce page load time.
Internal Link StructureAdd link titles.
Google AnalyticsProvide details about the website and its traffic.
Webmaster ImplementationCreate Webmaster account and verify the website.
Sitemap.xmlImproves website indexing.
Broken LinksRemove broken links or fix them.
W3C ErrorsIdentify coding errors for individual pages.
Backlink PopularityCreate backlinks through diverse Off Page SEO activities such as Local Business Listings, Classified Ads, Video Distribution, High PR Web Directories, Press Releases, Popular Social Bookmarks, Blog Directories, RSS Syndication on ongoing basis.
ReportingCampaign Performance Monitoring – Crawl Errors, Indexed Pages, Google Page Rank, Keyword Rankings, Traffic.


We provide SEO services with three levels to choose from. Generally this pricing reflects the costs for a website with several products or service pages (up to 15). If you have an ecommerce website with a lot of products, it may be more. Please contact us for a custom estimate.

All estimates above are for non-ecommerce (or only several products). To get an estimate for an ecommerce website, contact us at [email protected]

Keyword Research

If you purchase SEO services, keyword research is part of that. Sometimes you may just want keyword research or you want the additional benefits of Advanced Keyword Research.

Basic Keyword Research Includes:

  1. Keyword
  2. Number of monthly searches in Google using this keyword
  3. AdWords Competition as a percentage
  4. AdWords CPC amount paid using this keyword

With advanced keyword you also get this information

  1. Get keyword
  2. Get level of difficulty number to rank for this specific keyword
  3. Get number of monthly searches using/about this keyword
  4. Get Excel spreadsheet list of long tail words using/about this keyword
  5. Get Excel spreadsheet list of related terms using/about this keyword
  6. Get Excel spreadsheet list of the 10 competitors ranking for this unique search term
  7. Get Excel spreadsheet of LSI keyword terms using/about this keyword
  8. Get Excel spreadsheet of top 4 tag terms using/about this keyword
  9. Get Excel spreadsheet of Google Adwords ad copy of top ads
  10. Get Excel spreadsheet of categories for this search term using/about this keyword
  11. Get Excel spreadsheet of alternate suggestions for this keyword (when available)
  12. Get Excel spreadsheet of “How to” questions being asked by monthly searchers using/about this keyword (when available)
  13. Get Excel spreadsheet list of other questions being asked using/about this keyword (when available)
  14. Get the lowest/average Domain Authority ranking number using/about this keyword (when available)
  15. Get the lowest/average Page Authority ranking number using/about this keyword (when available)
  16. The lowest/average Trust Flow factor number using/about this keyword (when available)
  17. The lowest/average backlinks using/about this keyword (when available)
  18. CPC amount paid statistic using/about this keyword (when available)
  19. Get the number of broad competing domain names for this one search term
  20. Get the number of competing domain names (in quotes) for this one search term
  21. Get the number of domain names using this search term in the title
  22. Get current trends using this keyword (when available)
  23. Get links to products for sale using this keyword (when available)

What is the value of advanced keyword research compared with basic research?  Basic keyword research gets you started with basic SEO keyword search terms. The basic level is fine for beginners or for people traveling the SEO web content highway inside a city bus. Basic keyword research is extremely valuable information giving you a basic roadmap for using SEO web content on your website. Think of the basic keyword research like it’s a basic map leading you in the general direction of Google Page 1.

Advanced keyword research can be compared to knowing all the sites on the roadmap to getting to Google Page 1 riding in style in a limousine. If the Basic Keyword research package could be compared to a general set of valuable instructions getting you to your end destination (Google Page 1), the Advanced Keyword Research package gets you there revealing complete and thorough information beyond the basics so you can more precisely get to where you want to go.

The details revealed in the Advanced Keyword Research package gives you questions monthly searches ask, suggestions on what you can write to attract your market in blog posts, Page Authority, Domain Authority and Trust Factor numbers and more.  Just look at the comparative chart and you’ll see why the Advanced Keyword Research package is your best value.

Basic Keyword research. Approximately 50-100 keywords. $75.
Advanced Keyword research. 10 keywords = $290. 1 keyword = $30.
1 keyword for ease of ranking of only – $15, 10 keyword for ease of ranking of only – $140

SEO Disclaimers

SEO takes time. It can take months for any keyword to reach page 1.
Please note: Our estimates are for the SEO itself, not content creation, posting or website programming which is sometimes required for excellent SEO.
It is possible that we may request added content, which tends to be blog posts or programming. If we do the work, there is an additional charge.
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