Thirty years ago, Amazon, the largest online retailer by revenue, didn’t exist. Nor was it a tech giant of its time until recently. What started as an online bookstore is now a big tech wizard that controls half of the United States online retail space. Amazon is estimated to have cornered a whopping 50% of the entire e-commerce retail market share, and it’s growing bigger by the day.

In that process, they have bulldozed the competition and squeezed small businesses out of the market. With such a gigantic market share, Amazon is achieving a level of dominance that virtually spells disaster. 

We cannot overstate the tight grip Amazon has on its consumers, and to some extent, it may be justifiable. Amazon is fast, reliable, convenient, and caters to every whim possible. But that convenience comes at a price, a high price for our society and local communities.

If you are looking to make the switch, it will be hard, like any lifestyle change – but not impossible. Changing to these options can begin you on your journey to become an ethical shopper, but most importantly, it will give a shot to one small business to sell. 

1. Newegg

If you decide to move out of Amazon, you will find Newegg’s features and product range quite similar to Amazon’s. Founded in 2001, Newegg offers a wide selection of consumer electronics and computer hardware. Newegg attracts over 20 million monthly visitors worldwide and remains the go-to marketplace for tech-related products. It also provides a stellar experience, fast delivery, and tons of coupons to save on your gadgets.

2. Overstock

As the name suggests, Overstock is the marketplace for excessive products in the market once the local requirement has been fulfilled. On Overstock, the most popular merchandise is home decoration, furniture, and bedding, among other categories. Perks of buying from Overstock are endless. Notably, Overstock provides a 1-2 business day delivery, and the return policy is incomparable. Overstock continues to sell the surplus in the market but is positioned as a bonafide online retailer. 

3. Patriot Depot 

Since 2007, Patriot Depot has been a reliable outlet for conservatives looking for quality resources at below-retail pricing. Patriot Depot is a major collectible online store of American apparel that displays conservative values. With over 50,000 five-star reviews, Patriot Depot is the go-to-market for conservative gifts, gear, and apparel. The conservative platform wasn’t popular until 2019, when a parody tune, “The shady bunch,” containing one of their products, went viral. Since then, Patriot Depot has fulfilled more than over a half-million orders and served over 100,000 customers across the United States. Patriot Depot is a division of Liberty Alliance and a sister company to Western Journal, a leading news agency that drives positive cultural change through storytelling. 

4. My Pillow

With its friendly jingle and commercials in traditional media, My Pillow is a well-known brand for bedding products. It all started when its founder, Mike Lindell, had tried every pillow in the market but could not solve his back problems. But in 2004, Mike created a pillow with patented interlocking fill material (My Pillow) that provides the right amount of support. The pillows were taken at a local home and garden show in Minnesota and they quickly sold out. Fast forward to today, My Pillow sold over 40 million pillows and has diversified its products by selling sheets, duvet covers, pads, and even mattresses. My Pillow currently has 15 retail locations, and customers can order it from various online stores, including its main one, My Pillow prides itself on being an All-American retailer and offers a hassle-free return policy. 

 BREAKING NEWS: Mike Lindell Launches to compete with Amazon.

5. Bonanza

Founded in 2007, Bonanza has quickly built a loyal following as an online retailer. Although Bonanza is relatively small compared to other marketplaces on this list, it provides a seamless customer relationship and capitalizes on being a sustainable business. With Bonanza, you can find various products you may not find on other platforms as it connects individual sellers and buyers. Popular products include collectibles, craft, clothing and fashion, sporting goods, and more. Bonanza claims to be the “most recommended marketplace” over Amazon, and the platform gives nothing but the ordinary.

6. Christian Book

There is no better place to find Christian resources such as books, music, and gifts than Christian Book. They have a variety of products you can get your hands on, competitive prices, and the shipping is typically prompt. Christian Book offers an excellent ebook app and gives away free ebooks of all genres.

7. Mammoth Nation

Mammoth Nation is a discount club that exclusively supports conservatives in America. Proceeds from your purchases and membership fees go to supporting the right candidates and causes. In fact, with just one purchase, there is a possibility to pay for your annual membership and enjoy great discounts on shopping, hotels, wireless, and more. 

8. Best Buy

Much like Newegg, Best Buy is an online electronic retailer but with much faster delivery. Best Buy works like Amazon, but the difference here is that it only focuses on technology. You can get home electronics like TVs, laptops, cameras, games, and much more with a service second to none. Most electronics retailers have been thumped and gone under the shadow of Amazon, but that’s not the case of Best Buy. Best Buy is made for the modern consumer who wants quick delivery and better deals. If that’s you, you’ll even find their fair warranties intriguing as they allow an exchange for defective products. 

9. Rakuten

Although headquartered in Japan, Rakuten is yet another popular eCommerce alternative to Amazon. But unlike others, Rakuten is a rewards and cash-back retailer. Popular brands such as Macy’s, Glossier, and Walmart pay commission to Rakuten for sending customers their way, and Rakuten shares a percentage of that commission to customers. Once you purchase through the partners’ store, you earn a ‘rebate’, which is then sent to your PayPal or via check. But as it works as an affiliate network for trusted brands, the delivery depends on the retailer you purchase from. Nevertheless, Rakuten is still the best way for those seeking to buy online and earn a cash-back. 

10. Thrive Market

Do you consume organic products? You may consider Thrive Market for your next purchase of organic and non-GMO products. Thrive Market bills itself as a marketplace for high-quality, healthy, and sustainable products. The platform is membership-based, and members pay $5 per month to get access to a wide range of organic groceries, beauty products, as well as cleaning supplies. The membership fee is not hefty, if at all, given that products are sold at a fraction of the retail price. The LA-based online retailer boasts 500,000+ members since it was launched in 2014, and it’s getting more popular among health enthusiasts—moreover, the platform partners with sustainable brands to make healthy living easy and affordable. Thrive Market offers free shipping to orders over $49 and ships across 48 states nationwide. 

11. Poshmark

As the name suggests, Poshmark is a marketplace for shoes, clothes, and accessories. Poshmark has evolved to become one of the most successful eCommerce sites today, with products ranging from handicrafts to designer handbags. Buyers and sellers can negotiate prices with one another, thus ensuring a seamless communication line that eases the transaction. With the platform encouraging socializing features such as liking, commenting, and digital parties, it is easy to understand why 60+ million customers trust it. The downside of Poshmark is that it ships within 3 days, but a flat rate of $7.11 applies on all orders. 

12. Grove Collaborative

Since its start in 2012, Grove Collaborative is committed to bringing non-toxic, sustainable, effective, and cruelty-free products in one place. Like some of the marketplaces on this list, Grove is a planet-friendly alternative to Amazon. They offer a range of personal care products and household cleaning items. As of now, all their products are plastic-free, and they have already removed 3.7 million pounds of plastic. Grove is particularly committed to sustainable shipping practices by reducing carbon footprint and packaging waste. To ensure they maintain these standards, Grove has set an order minimum of $29 and a shipping cost of $4.99. Like Amazon, Grove also has a monthly membership fee that includes flexible recurring shipments and exclusive free gifts for VIP holders, though positively impacting the environment. 

As you can see, boycotting Amazon doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are far more alternatives that offer great deals and features without compromising their employees’ livelihoods or even crushing small businesses.

One time Amazon was the sole authentic option, but today the online retail space has progressed by leaps and bounds. With the rise in ethical and sustainable marketplaces, consumers have the choice to pry themselves from Amazon. 

Every time you spend a dollar on Amazon, you’re building Bezos’s monopoly. But if you spend a dollar on other ethical alternatives (preferably small businesses), you will help them stay afloat.  On this note, we encourage you to check out Consumer HQ, A platform that focuses on rebuilding small businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a great way to assist small businesses that share similar interests as yours. 















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