If you are leveraging digital ads to drive customers and sales to your business, chances are you’ve used Facebook or Google products. With over 5.4 billion hits on Google per day and over 2.7 billion active users on Facebook, it is clear why millions of businesses capitalize on these astronomical numbers to market their businesses. 

These two tech giants provide businesses with a viable source of traffic to their websites, allowing them to scale rapidly and affordably. But this convenience is only enjoyed by a handful of businesses playing by their rules. These rules disproportionately affect conservative businesses. Whether you operate a clothing store, a jewelry store, a toy store, or even a grocery store – Big Tech platforms may “socially punish” your business just for being conservative.  By upholding their community standards (which includes censoring conservative members), they impose limits on the said businesses in terms of their reach as well as removal on these platforms. 

Conservative businesses in the sales of alternative products such as guns are also disadvantaged with advertising on Big Tech. Google, for example, has shortlisted a list of items such as guns, CBD, hemp, recreational drugs, or tobacco as ‘dangerous’ products and services. Even ads for masks are not allowed. 

In fact, almost every ad platform, including Pinterest and Twitter, has identical restrictions, leaving conservative businesses with few advertising options.

But this begs the question: How can one promote these alternative products, services, and companies without restrictions? Or how can a conservative company advertise without paying money to the tech giants? We can help you with this.

Here are three viable ways you can use to promote your products and services without getting banned. 

1. Native Advertising

Native advertising is a sort of digital ad placed on a publication without interfering with the user’s experience. A native advertisement adjusts to the site it’s being promoted on to the extent customers can’t tell that it’s advertising.

So if you have an online publication with blogs, the native advertisement would be a blog post, written and displayed in such a way that it seems precisely like all other blog entries on that website.  

The type of material that can be advertised on native platforms is restricted in most cases. Nonetheless, countless native platforms do not restrict specific products as conventional platforms do. Such platforms include Taboola, Outbrain, or Revcontent. Unlike tech giants, these native ad platforms allow the promotion and marketing of prohibited products on services. However, there is no rule without exception. Before you start your marketing campaign, the advertising guidelines issued by your native ad network of choice must be reviewed. They may have policies restricting specific actions or products, especially when considered ‘illegal’ by federal law. 

2. Display Advertising

Unsurprisingly, Google has the biggest share of display advertising. Display advertising (also known as banner advertising) uses text, animations, videos, pictures, or other multimedia to convey a commercial message visually.

But the fact that Google has banned specific product adverts does not rule out the possibility of display advertising. There are many options outside the Google Display Network if you wish to get display inventory on websites that will allow ads for your products. These display ad networks include Traffic Roots, Mantis Ad Network, and HealthyAds. 

Besides, using display ad platforms like Traffic Roots can be a great way to gain brand awareness and traffic outside the Google Display Network.

The Display ads are appealing for many because of their price point. Display ad impressions are typically a fraction of a cent, making them significantly less expensive than other search and video ad formats.

3. Influencer Marketing

Another effective way to bypass advertising restrictions imposed by tech giants is leveraging influencer marketing. Influencer marketing allows you to promote your products and services by tapping into the organic followings of relevant influencers on any platform.

By partnering with influencers, you can reach a larger audience through organic social posts by tapping into people who already have a large following.

To ensure a strong brand fit, it’s critical to choose the right influencers. Sometimes that will mean choosing influencers with smaller audiences rather than influencers with larger audiences but lower engagement.

Running a digital marketing campaign for a conservative brand or products considered as ‘prohibited’ is not impossible, but it’s challenging.

For every tight restriction on traditional advertising platforms, multiple alternatives allow you to promote your business with the convenience you deserve. 

The best strategy to go around this is to create educational content, add value to users, and go into the advertising campaign without being salesy. As a result, you are less likely to convert or even prone to be rejected by the ad platform.

But even so, nothing is guaranteed. The persecution of Conservatives has never been more aggressive or more dangerous than it is today. We ought to fight for our values and support the Constitution of the United States of America with every resource we have. That’s what we stand for. We support our fellow Conservatives and assist them with their advertising and marketing needs as we navigate this uncharted territory.

Do you have questions on how digital advertising could work for your brand? Contact us for a free consultation on getting started with advertising.  We provide all the services above with professional ads strategists.

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