When people who are Star Wars fans listen to the voice of Darth Vader, they instantly know who is speaking. James Earl Jones’s voice is unmistakable. When you think of his easily identifiable voice, what voice qualities make his voice so easy to recognize? Apply this question to your enterprises’ company voice.

When you create and maintain a unique company impression, also called a company voice, people will remember how you make them feel as one of your customers. Good feelings go a long way to keep your business profitable. Remember these ideas when doing your digital marketing.

What exactly makes your business stand out from your competitors? When you can capitalize on the different characteristics of your enterprises unique selling proposition, you begin to understand the value of being different.

Make Your Company Voice Be Different From Your Competitors’

A company voice leaves a certain impression on customers. Making it one they remember in a good way helps you become a favored business amongst competitors.

Ask yourself some questions to identify your unique company voice:

  • What makes your company instantly convey the unique (and likable) impression it does on customers? In other words, what is so likable about your company? These are favorable (to your company,) friendly opinions customers share when talking to friends, family or co-workers when they describe your company.
  • What’s so memorable, special or favorable about your products/services? For example, after a sale, do you call a customer up and make sure the customer is happy? If not, how do you make it right for your customers so they ARE happy?
  • What’s different, special and/or unique compared with your competitors about the way you do business? HOW or WHY is that difference you provide so important to your customers?

Use verbs and adjectives to describe your unique company voice. Verbs show action and adjectives describe something that evokes good feelings about your company, ethics, morals, products, customer service, mission, etc.

Remember, customers don’t really buy products and services. Instead, they buy good feelings as a result of buying and using your company’s products and services.

Why Does Your Company Voice Provide Such A Good Impression?

Old-fashioned value is something customers like. People who buy from you like to know that you are in business for more than just to make money.So, how can you find something you believe in that makes a difference in somebody’s else’s life?

For example, will you choose to donate money or volunteer your time to a worthy global or community cause? Does your company’s focus also include some annual event or semi-annual event that directly helps a worthwhile charity? Or, do you have an annual open-house or holiday party and invite in the local community?

All the things you do to leave a good impression on your customers help you stay in business. That’s why it’s important in your digital marketing efforts to create a company voice that leaves a lasting impression.

Being a memorable company means that you reach out and get feedback from customers and incorporate that feedback to make your company even better. When customers know you truly care about them, their word of mouth about your company helps you stay in business!

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