You are a shopper. Everyone, even kids, are shoppers. Shopping is actually an activity in which you engage your senses, judgment, criticisms, hopes, dreams, feelings, etc. How do you create a company brand your ideal prospects love? It starts by thinking and FEELING passionate about things. In your digital marketing efforts, when you incorporate the passions of your ideal prospects, they can relate to using your products and services.

When you can successfully imagine thinking like the person who would shop in your store or buy from your business, you can create a memorable company brand. Your brand is your company identity. Make that brand become a household name. Doing so your company’s mission becomes ingrained in the minds of your shoppers to keep them coming back for more.

How to Easily Create A Company Brand

Ever been in a play? If so, this exercise would be easy for you to complete as a part of creating a unique company identity.

When you act out a part in a play, you take on the mindset of a character. That character is unique with unique attributes. For the purposes of this blog post, imagine that your company has its own character. Give it a voice your customers love and identify with. This is all apart of your company brand.

To express your company’s character, in your mind imagine becoming the most likable, compatible, charming, charismatic person in the world. See yourself becoming a magnet for many types of people who just love to be with you. These people represent your ideal prospects. Keep these adjectives in mind and add more. As you describe the character of your company identity you easily create a memorable company brand. Write all these ideas down. Use them to create a brand that really sizzles!

What Store Is Your Favorite In Which To Shop and Why?

What is it exactly that you like so much about your favorite restaurant, grocery store, coffee shop, hair cutting shop, dry cleaners, whatever? Did you ever stop to think from the shopper’s part of your mind the reasons why you like to shop where you do? This could be a very good exercise to create a brand for your own company. You see, many businesses try to promote their offer instead of promoting the DREAM the shopper can live and experience by ONLY buying from you. Don’t work so hard to promote your offer. Instead, engage your ideal prospect in to your store to live out a fantasy he/she can make become real.

Promoting by using offer content in your marketing materials is much different than promoting and motivating a prospect to believe in dreamer content. When a prospect can see that using your unique products and services helps him/her live a dream, you’ve successfully engaged and created a memorable brand.

So, right now, write out on paper what you like so much about one or two of your favorite stores. Then, go look at the promotional copy online about that store. When you look at your list of what’s most appealing, attractive and important to you about shopping at that one store, does your list and the digital content sound the same? If not, now think about the content you’ve chosen to promote your own business. Does your company brand content motivate or inspire people to live a dream?

Take a look at the digital copy you use intending for it to create a brand that sizzles. Does it sizzle or is it fizzling out? One really great thing about digital copy is that it can easily be changed!

A classic marketing saying reminds business owners that people buy from those they like and trust. Is the SEO copy on your website likable and trustworthy? If not, maybe your branding efforts need work.

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