Promoting your business digitally is always going to be a work in progress. Each digital promotion you conduct is an experiment to see what engages your target market.  Keeping in mind you are getting to know your target audience and speak in ways meaningful to them when you engage with them, it can be an enormous mistake to seek perfection in marketing. Why?

Thinking you can attain and seek marketing perfection will slow you down. Additionally, adopting a perfectionistic attitude for marketing can ultimately limit the success you attain from your efforts. It can cause you to create undue stress on yourself and others helping you market.  There is a lot of disadvantages to being a perfectionist when it comes to promoting your business.

Shooting for digital promotion perfection can stop you from taking action

Think about any pioneer. If a pioneer in some activity starts out expecting perfection, he/she will feel frustrated. The person is on a learning curve. That means he/she must make mistakes first before knowing what works.

Compare yourself to being a pioneer when it comes to promoting your business. Since you are blazing a new trail, consider that there honestly is no such factor as a ‘perfect’ digital promotion strategy. No matter if you are promoting your business globally or locally, marketing perfection rarely exists.

When promoting your blog or website, aim to perpetually do things that improve your online presence. Some email messages will contain content that interests your readers more at certain times and less at other times. The main point here is to be patient with yourself. Eventually, you will learn what deeply interests your fans so you can continue to provide more of what your fans crave.

You can learn a lot from your failures

Just as learning to develop your vocabulary takes time, learning how to talk with your target market takes time. This means that sometimes the content you publish might be considered a failed attempt to connect. Remember Edison and his journey to successfully create the electric light? He tried and failed thousands of times before he successfully achieved creating the electric light bulb. Marketing is the same. It takes practice without giving up.

So, be fair and gentle with yourself as you learn and employ the most successful digital marketing strategies. Expecting perfection will basically stress you out. Just do your best and things will go better for you.


Perfection in marketing rarely exists. Do everything in your power to discover and use certain strategies that result in desired outcomes.  Start small, track your results and improve your marketing efforts over time.

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