Here’s an interesting bit about how you can use your brain as a business brain. In his book The Creative Brain, Ned Herrmann discovered that we have the equivalent of 4 basic living brain programs. These programs do specific functions. They are orderly planning, analyzing, creating and relating. We use each of these brain programs in everyday life activities including business. Today, I’d like to talk about the analyzing brain part and how a digital marketing analyst masterfully uses it to save your business time and money.

The Digital Marketing Analyst Brain Part

Imagine always knowing exactly what to do to be an instant business success. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful dream to live? Well, the good news is that each of us has the potential to be that business success by using our brain’s 4 team members (or 4 brain quadrants.)

Essentially, from birth, your brain is innately made of 4 basic ways of understanding and processing life situations. It’s a brain team. Your brain’s 4 quadrant programs help you make the best decisions for life.

Ned Herrmann’s research reveals that each of us prefers to be an expert at using at least one of these 4 brain quadrant programs during life. They are our inner experts. Knowing we each naturally have at least one brain expert guiding us also unveils that none of us knows how to be all things at all times. This is why we need to be a team player, especially to run a business successfully.

When it comes to your online presence including your website content, social media posts, videos, etc., a digital marketing analyst helps you save time and money. As a result, he or she also helps you effectively make money. Why? Because this person has the training and skills to methodically analyze what’s best needed to succeed in business.

You may want to be able to do all your own marketing. However, if you do not have a natural brain preference (or brain dominant preference as Mr. Herrmann calls it) for marketing, it is outside of your conscious awareness to have the ability or capability to develop this type of expertise. It’s not that you WON’T develop the skill – it’s that you CAN’T because your brain is unable to naturally think that way.

Understanding that no one can do ALL things is also why you don’t want to try and be your own project manager for everything. In fact, science shows us we CAN’T be all the experts we need. It’s a brain thing. That’s why outsourcing is plain good business decision-making.

A Digital Marketing Analyst Saves You Time and Money

When you pay a digital marketing analyst to help you, he or she is already trained. This person naturally uses his or her innate analytical abilities to give you the details for the best marketing.

Hiring this expert saves you sleepless nights, headaches, and other stresses trying to make yourself do something you are not naturally able to do. Because you delegate this important task to someone who naturally can do it, you save yourself time. You can then use that time to participate in YOUR natural expertise. Running your business. When you do what comes easily to you, it also saves you money.

Are you ready to make things easier on yourself as you run your business? Hire a digital marketing analyst to reveal what will work best to promote your online business. It will be a time and money saving move on your part.

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