Each of us has a limited amount of time on the earth. How are you going to use that time?  By passionately living on purpose or just marking time? As you run your own small business, when you live with passion, it shows in your work. Passionately loving what you do is the difference between living and just merely existing. If you feel like you’re just marking time in your business, it may be time to get into a different business.

Live With Passion and Purpose

Let’s talk about a sample passion. Suppose your passion is loving cats. (Just work with me here…)  Imagine running a business focused all around cats, their cuteness, the love you share with them, the food they eat, the toys they need, how to effectively and properly care for them, etc. Now imagine yourself at your cat store and only wanting to play with the cats and kitten.  But wait, since this is a business, there is also the business side of running your store.

Since you can’t hire cats to be your store workers (though you might wish it were possible), this is the perfect example of thinking about outsourcing. In this way, outsourcing can help you live with passion!

By outsourcing certain tasks for running your business, you can spend more time living your passion.  Have you ever heard the saying, “walk your talk?” Decoded, this phrase means if you do what you say is your passion, you will also be acting according to what you say is your truth.  You’ll also be genuinely happy.

In fact, those who live with passion feel like the work they do is not work at all. It’s simply their way of life – living on purpose.

Do you want to live with passion as you run your business? Consider including outsourcing as a way to spend more time living your purpose as a business owner.

Imagine this idea… you’re working your business but during some tasks you really dislike doing, you feel knots in your gut. Stomach acid build-up eventually creates an ulcer. This is an example of NOT living your purpose. Yes, all of us small business entrepreneurs do have to be flexible and get important tasks done in our day. However, not to the point of harming your health. It’s better, in my opinion, to outsource some tasks to experts for some reasons.

So, if you are a DIY (do-it-yourself) kind of person, allow yourself to see the value in outsourcing some tasks.  It can help you run your business better. Additionally, if you are outsourcing business tasks, you can most likely take the cost of outsourcing as a business expense.

Benefits Of Outsourcing to Live With Passion and Purpose

What do you get in exchange for outsourcingnecessary tasks? Let’s say one task is digital marketing. By outsourcing digital marketing (with marketing being a must to be a business success) you get to take advantage of a different way (and perhaps more successful way) of driving the right traffic to your company.

By outsourcing marketing tasks to a digital marketing company, you get the experience of others to work in your behalf. As you outsource you are giving others an opportunity to live their lives with passion and purpose.

Though it is true that outsourcing might initially cost more than doing it yourself, think about outcome. You could spend thousands of dollars training yourself to do marketing.  However, is that what you really want to do? With other people doing your digital marketing, you get fresh insights and views. Outsourcing your marketing can even make things more efficient for you.

So, the bottom line here is that if you want to live with passion, consider using outsourcing when necessary to keep your business running. The outcome might just surprise you.

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