In the olden days, people used a big paper book called The Yellow Pages to look for contact information about people and businesses.  However, today, a high percentage of people search online for this same information.  When it comes to a business, effective search marketing is key.  Knowing how a business can effectively be found takes knowledge, skill and technique.  But it can be done.  There are plenty of successful businesses doing it.  Your business can do it, too.

Though most communities still provide a paper version of a phone directory, a lot of people throw those books away.  These folks have been conditioned to look online to find what they seek.  When it comes to search marketing for a business, there is a lot to be said for making a business more visible online. It is where SEO and PPC advertising helps a business seem to be in a lot of places at once. The more techniques you use to keep in a lot of the right places, the more you increase your chances of being seen as THE company with which to do business.

Search Marketing Includes Lots of Testing

PPC, also called Pay-Per-Click advertising is a process whereby an online reader/visitor sees an ad.  The content in the ad inspires or motivates the person to click on it.  That click sends the web visitor to your website or blog. An ad has many different aspects to it. Each aspect must be tested to unveil which ad most appeals to your ideal prospects.  When it comes to search marketing, remember that people have particular things they seek. That means they seek using specific internal databases by which they look for the things they seek.  These internal databases have a language all their own. It is up to you as a marketer to USE that language in your ad.  When you do this successfully, you improve sales conversions rates.

An ad has different aspects to it which might include some of the following:

  • Sounds
  • Words
  • Specific phrases
  • Colors
  • Mixed Colors
  • Image Stills
  • Moving images
  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Clipart
  • Photos
  • Lighting aspects
  • And much more

Quick!  What’s your favorite color?  You probably instantly came up with an answer.  If you see ads in your very favorite color, you may be more likely to buy that product/service than if the ad were colored differently. It is an example of an ad aspect that needs to be tested regarding a market’s likes or dislikes.

Testing takes time. If you are patient, SEO formatted PPC can pay big dividends for your business. Testing all the aspects of your SEO and PPC campaigns is a slow but steady approach to business success.

Where Does Your Search Marketing Campaign Need To Begin?

When you want to go on a trip to a different geographical destination, your trip’s beginning starts with gathering ideas. It is research. Writing down the goals, you want to achieve as you travel to your end destination usually gets you to where you want to go. The beginning starts with research.  After you gather research, consult with experts who can help you focus on getting in front of your ideal prospects.  PPC and SEO can be excellent tools to help you get there.

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