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Article Internet Marketing For Beginners: Content Marketing Fast and Easy

Article Internet Marketing For Beginners: Content Marketing Fast and Easy

Keywords and keyword phrases are just words or a word phrase. Often the term “keyword” includes phrases. Keyword phrases are also called keyphrases, long tail keywords or long tail keyword phrases. I prefer to use the term Keyword to mean both single and multiple words.

Bottom line, keywords are words and phrases that the search engine analyzes for their indexes and what people type into the search engine to find the information they want. Examples of keywords are: gardening, organic gardening, herb garden, gardening tips, gardening supplies.

In this usage, what is important is how often the word or phrase was searched in search engines, such as Google. In other words, how often did people type into Google that word or word phrase to find the information they are looking for.

So if I am writing about antique furniture, if I use ‘old’ as a keyword, it wouldn’t work so well as I would get people searching for old hats, old dogs, etc. Yet I could use a keyword phrase of ‘old furniture’ if it ranks well in the search engine listings.

Keywords, in this usage, has little to do with the older copywriting concept of a key word or phrase in the article. Think of it as that humans do not read keywords initially. It’s all about how people will search the internet and find the article, so the computer reads it first.

Email Marketing For Beginners

Email Marketing For Beginners

Email marketing is when you directly market a message, product, or service to a group of potential or current customers using an email medium. Emails may be informational or be selling something. Basically, every email that is sent to a prospective or current customer could be considered email marketing. For holistic practitioners, use email marketing to communicate with people, whether or not you use it for selling.

In order to comply with the US CAN-SPAM Act, businesses must have its customers or potential customers opt-in to receive emails from the business. To put it simply, your customer must tell your business that they want to receive promotional emails from you. Otherwise, it is considered SPAM and is illegal. Canada has its own spam laws too.

Email marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing. This is because it is both; non intrusive and effective. Everyone checks their emails. Nowadays, people even check their email on their mobile devices. In fact, two out of five Internet searches are now completed on a mobile device. This means that you have more chances of connecting with a potential customer or current customer. The more forms of contact you have with a customer, the better. It has been shown that a customer takes around 6 points of contact in order to make a sale. This means that email marketing can give you a number of these contacts.

Essential Guide To Social Media

Essential Guide To Social Media

Social media is all around us, isn’t it?

I mean you probably check your Facebook and Twitter accounts before you even get out of bed … (I know I do)

and then when you turn the TV on it’s all about #hashtag this and Facebook that, isn’t it?

The power of social media is definitely no secret – and if you’re smart then you’re already integrating social media into your online business to attract fans and built relationships with your customers.

Hang on a minute though …

What about if you just don’t know how to integrate social media into your online business?

That’s where this book comes in. If you’re looking to learn exactly how to use social media to enhance your online business and become more successful online then you’re in the right place.

Why use social media?

In case you’re not clear on the actual benefits of incorporating social media into your online business then let’s firstly cover some of them off.

Social media helps you to build a strong brand

In order to be successful online it’s pretty important to stand out from the crowd. People need to look at you and your products/services and instantly know exactly what you stand for…. and not only that but you need to stay in people’s mind.

In order to do that you need to have a strong brand, and sites such as Facebook and Twitter can definitely help you to do that. They can help people to gain an instant insight into what you’re about and why they should follow you. Not only that but social media updates remind people that you’re still around, and can have a particularly good effect if you’re sharing really juicy information.

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