You’re looking at your morning checklist feeling a little bit overwhelmed. That doesn’t seem to take much because nowadays, everyone seems overwhelmed. Your company brand contains a certain set of characteristics to it. What’s the unique thing that helps your brand stand out? Are you using them in your digital marketing to their fullest use?

Take some time to look at each thing that makes your company different (in a good way) from the competition. To get favorably noticed, promotethe company’s individual brand specifics in your digital marketing efforts. In other words, promote the unique in your business. When you do, you become very visible to your ideal prospect.

People think in words. Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine a picture in your mind that expresses the satisfied feelings your client feels using your company’s products and services. Duplicate that picture to your target market and you’ll raise your conversion levels. These satisfied feelings pictures contain customers acting happy because they’ve experienced the outcome they wanted using your exclusive business solution. The unique sells in your business marketing.

Put The Unique In Your Marketing Materials Content

In a casual conversation format, carefully select words. Use those and talk with your ideal prospect. These are words your CLIENT already uses to express the FEELINGS he or she wants to FEEL right now as a result of engaging in business with your company. Your product or service is the tool your ideal prospect uses and then feels satisfied. See how this works?

That mind picture you create needs to be an image that clearly depicts your ideal clients behaving happily. They feel happy expressing satisfied FEELINGS of using your solution to their problem. Translate this image into digital marketing copy on your website. These types of images drive the right traffic to your website.

It is FEELINGS that drive clients to your business. By using digital marketing images in stills or video in a way contextually relevant to your ideal prospective client, you connect deeply with your target market. So, using the right SEO formatted words with the succinct image clearly helps your business stand out from your competitors.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you are not currently getting enough converted traffic via your marketing efforts, do something different. Again, the unique is how to do it.

Like a turtle poking its head out of its shell, getting out of your comfort zone can bring up inner resistance. However, that inner resistance to what’s new and different can be robbing you of generating wonderful business relationships with people.

When a business grows, you do so by expanding your horizons. Reaching out and connecting with people in a mutually interesting way between both prospect and company helps you succeed in business. Of course, you stay within your ethical standards when you do something new and different. However, it is showcasing and spotlighting the unique characteristics about your business that is attractive to your target market.

Your marketing efforts keep you in business. Boldly be unique and different (without being unprofessional about it!) You’ll see that things change for the better.


Patriot Business Marketing