In the world of digital marketing, consistency is key. People like consistency. It subconsciously sends a message that you are trustworthy. When we experience consistent things, we feel at peace. For these reasons and more, regularly engage in marketing consistency.

When you are actively promoting your business, you are engaging your audience.  Think about your marketing efforts like episodes of a favorite TV show. The more you provide marketing consistency in a format your target audience likes, the more you build your credibility and reputation.

Marketing Consistency Communicates Your Message

Know how in the time of need you rely on that certain someone to help you reduce stress about that problem? When you use marketing consistency in your digital marketing efforts, you effectively build your brand. Branding shows you are reliable and dependable. All of these aspects of your digital marketing activities help you be visible in a good way to your audience.

Looking to improve your marketing consistency efforts?  Here are three tips to use when promoting your important message digitally …

  1. Draw up an editorial content calendar

Create a content calendar. Whatever time periods you use to send out messages to your market about how to solve your industry’s problems, think about the process steps they need to go through to effectively solve that problem.  Share those steps in your content.

Align your content with your business’s goals. Be consistent in sharing ways that improve the lives of those who are experiencing the problem to which you know the answer. Publish the content over a specific period. By planning out in advance the content you want to share, you always know exactly what you are doing, when you are doing it and to which location in mind you want your audience to go.

  1. Create content in advance and then automate it

Regularly creating and publishing content is necessary to engage your fans.  However, achieving this is often a challenge to businesses unless you dedicate yourself to doing it. A top tip to help in this area is to create content in advance and then schedule it in to be posted automatically. For example, you could create seven Facebook posts and then use a tool such as Hootsuite to drip feed publishing those posts over a one-week period. Doing this saves time and helps to ensure marketing consistency.

  1. Establish a brand voice

What do your business and brand stand for? Get clear on the voice of your message. Your market is eager to hear what you have to say that helps them live better lives. By using branded, marketing consistency, you become their biggest fan, which, in turn, makes them YOUR biggest fan.

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