What is a very common service business with which you probably engage every day? Meteorology. This well-known service business CAN’T guarantee the accuracy of weather predictions…EVER.  Why? Humans do not have complete control over atmospheric environments. Because humans CAN’T control all environments, meteorologists can’t provide a service guarantee for their weather-predicting services.

Our relationship with the earth and what can happen while living here can’t reliably, dependably or firmly be predictable because no human created the earth.  The same holds true for any business. The goals a business intends to achieve are plans that can be used to see the direction the company desires to go.  However, any action a business offers cannot be backed by a reliable service guarantee simply because unpredictable stuff can happen.

Use The “F” Word To Be A Business Success

It is can be necessary to use the “F” word when it comes to engaging in business activities. The “F” word is FLEXIBILITY. Though a business can strive to follow a well-intentioned marketing plan, sometimes the unexpected happens. When the unexpected happens, flexibility helps customers experience the best outcome of business activities.

Giving A Service Guarantee Is Actually Impossible

Legitimate marketing companies and virtually any business can’t provide a 100% accurate service guarantee. If you find a marketing company that DOES provide a service guarantee, it’s probably a scam.  This is the #1 thing to watch out for when choosing a digital marketing company or doing business online anywhere.  If they do NOT offer a service guarantee, that actually can be a good sign they are realistic and reasonable in their offer.

Offering a guarantee goes against the idea of inbound marketing and even the search engines expressly warn against issuing guarantees. In particular, Google has an official statement on this and it turns out that most of the businesses that offer guarantees are usually scams. Only people who are scam artists will promise you something that sounds too good to be true. For example, if an SEO company says they will guarantee a ranking on page one of Google, it won’t be a common term that your ideal prospects are using to search.

Going back to a meteorologist’s predictions, when it comes to predicting the weather, many factors are at play when it comes to the world around us.  No consultant or business owner can control unseen activities ahead.  Therefore, no service business can ever guarantee a definite assured outcome in all things.

You understand that all business activities are actually based in customer or client relationships. No one can actually control people. Because people have free will, neither can any business market, advertise or brand themselves in such a way as to guarantee that their prospects/customers will absolutely be loyal to them.

Also, even though you may have a customer or client absolutely adore your product or service, that is no guarantee any customer will refer new business to you. Instead a business can only guarantee to clients that they will do their best to provide what they offer. Please keep these ideas in mind when you are promoting your own business or looking to hire an outsource agency to help you with your digital marketing needs.

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