People like sharing common interests. When you share ideas similar to your own with other people, you are acting social. In business, you regularly look to connect with like-minded people. This is how you build meaningful, long-term professional relationships. By regularly socializing in groups, you soon realize you are networking with several like-minded others in different groups of people. So, in business, when you share common interests with several groups of like-minded people, you are engaged in social network marketing.

In Social Network Marketing You Create and Share Experiences

You may think that as you converse with others in business gatherings, you are developing a prospect list to sell a product or service. However, people do not actually buy products and services. Instead, they buy an experience that includes or is associated with a certain product or service.

The next time you do social network marketing, focus on giving others the professional social experience they desire. Be genuinely interested in helping them be happier or in making life easier for them. That is the basis of the experience – to serve your target audience while providing a highly desired and emotionally inspiring or motivating experience.

How Do You Provide A Socially Inspiring and Motivating Experience?

When you focus on enjoying being in business, you are also concentrating on living out a life dream. A life dream can be a memorable experience if you say inspiring, motivating things to yourself and others. Everyone these days is overwhelmed and feeling uncertain. Acting socially pleasant can help people feel calm. Calm people can be an experience whereby they take a break from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about life.

When you live to give others a wonderful social experience, first use your imagination about how you like to feel emotionally good when you do something. While engaged at a social network marketing event, in your mind’s eye, imagine a scenario you can act out where you feel emotionally good. It might simply be introducing yourself to someone at a networking event with the goal of getting to common ground with a stranger in the room. What might that look and sound like? Play out that scene in your mind where you physically feel happy and good inside.

In this mental exercise, imagine that you feel confident that you are enjoyable to be with. FEEL that confidence. Go into the networking event with that feeling of confidence. This FEELING sets the stage for the experience of meeting strangers in an inspiring, motivating way.

Once you feel confident inside, next imagine what you look like. How are you dressed? Pick out something that flatters you. What would you say? The first thing is to sound welcoming to others. “Hi, I’m Sally (or John) Smith. I’m glad to meet you today. Thank you for being a part of the business community.” Saying something as simple as that welcomes the other person.

Now, continuing on with this theme, what might you say in a blog post or a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or other social media post? Make the content sound welcoming to your target market. Feeling welcomed into a group is something you would personally like, right? Okay, then do the same thing for others.

In all you do in your business as you do social network marketing, be friendly. It can have a tremendously positive effect as you create and share an engaging business experience.

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